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Alloy Avon

Alloy Avon Floats

Developed from years of fishing the fast and turbulent winter water of Southern Chalk streams, our Alloy Avons provide the perfect solution when looking to naturally present baits whether near side, mid-river or trotting alongside far bank vegetation.

Coming in a range of sizes from 4g-10g Alloy Avons offer the ideal compromise between buoyancy and delicacy ensuring that even the shyest of bites are registered.

Alloy Avons can be perfectly matched with an Olivette of the corresponding size, running on the line to a micro swivel, ensuring minimal line twist and damage, essential when targeting specimen fish on the float.



The Flyers have been designed primarily for pellet fishing whether for shy biting Chub or competitive commercial water Carp.

When testing they have also been perfectly matched to Stillwater silver fish ensuring distance can be achieved whilst still minimizing resistance to shy biters.

Coming in sizes from 4g -8g incredible tangle free casting distances have been achieved and the bright orange tip ensures no bites go un-noticed!



Our Chubbers have been designed primarily for use in swims with steady glides and when trotting at distance.

The ultra buoyant balsa wood means the Chubbers can suspend baits both large and small and remain visible at distance or until a strike is needed!

They come in a variety sizes between 4g-10g. Each size can be fished with an Olivette of the same size or a bulk shot pattern, dependant on bait size and swim demands.



Our Speci Wagglers have been designed for when river and weather conditions require the use of a float fixed at the bottom end to give greater control and stability.

The buoyant balsa body and large sight tip ensures the biggest of baits can be supported. They come in a range of sizes from 4g to 8g.

They are also equally at home when used as a pellet waggler for commercial carp and have been put to good use stalking specimen carp in the margins.

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